Snowmobile safaris

With Safaritalo's snowmobile safaris, you can get to know the world of sledding in the winter landscapes of Kalajoki! The safaris are suitable for first-timers as well as experienced drivers. At the beginning of each Safari, we conduct a thorough driving instructions.

Choose a best safari for you:

Mini safari:

Suitable for first-timers and more experienced drivers. The safari includes an hour’s drive in the versatile terrain of Hiekkasärkki. Driving distance 10-15 km (for the most experienced 25-30 km). Whenever the ice situation permits, we also drive on sea ice. The mini safari does not include a lunch break.


Two-persons snowmobile: 40€/person (incl. VAT)

Single person snowmobile: 60€/person (incl. VAT)

Group size: 4-30 people

Ice safari to “Maakalla” (if the ice situation allows):

Experience an ice safari in Maakala! On safari, you can get to know the self-governing island of Maakalla and, weather permitting, we will also visit the lighthouse island of Ulkokalla. A really interesting and culturally interesting safari. The duration of the safari is 4-5 hours and the driving distance is 65 km.


Two-person snowmobile: 95€/person (incl. VAT)

Single person snowmobile: 150€/person (incl. VAT)

Group size: 4-30 people

Safari to the Rahja archipelago:

On safari, we go to admire the natural beauty of the Rahja archipelago. The experience of being on the sea and the shimmering winter horizon remain in the minds of many. The safari lasts 2-3 hours and the driving distance is 35 km.


Two-persons snowmobile: 80€/person (incl. VAT)

Single person snowmobile: 110€/person (incl. VAT)

Group size: 4-30 people

Forest safari to Siiponjoki:

Siiponjoki’s idyllic, rolling terrain also creates challenges for sledders. The safari takes you along the canvas terrain to Särkijärvi’s campfire site, from where the journey continues along the banks of Siiponjoki to Pleuna’s campfire site or Loukas’ campfire site. The return trip is driven through the Rahja archipelago. The safari lasts 3-4 hours and the driving distance is 55 km.


Two-persons snowmobile: 85€/person (incl. VAT)

Single person snowmobile: 130€/person (incl. VAT)

Group size: 4-30 people

On each safari, the customer’s deductible in case of damage is max. 1500€! REMEMBER to take you driver’s license with you!



  • Helmet
  • Driving hood
  • Boots
  • Sledding overalls
  • Fuel
  • Picnic lunch
  • Sled insurance