Welcome to Safaritalo!

Completed in 2006, HSOP Oy, SAFARITALO, has a pub, conference rooms, a cabinet, sauna areas, outdoor jacuzzis, dressing rooms and a variety rental slection. Equipped with up-to-date meeting equipment, our cabinet is suitable for meetings, corporate, stag and dinner parties of around 40 people. We can easily combine other programs from our up to 80 different products with meeting and recreation days.


Smoke and original


Safaritalo has three different sauna areas, all of which include an outdoor jacuzzi. Safaritalo’ indoor sauna is for larger groups. Safari Areena’s sauna is slightly smaller and it is in a separate building in the courtyard of Safaritalo. There is also a smoke sauna behind Safaritalo, where the best aspects of the ancient Finnish ground sauna have been used.

Safaripub, Kalajoki Hiekkasärkät

Good vibes in

Safari Pub

Safaritalo’s cozy and comfortable pub serves every day of the year.

Have a meeting in our conference rooms

Conference rooms

Our cabinet, completed in 2006 and expanded in 2007, is the perfect place for meetings. The conference room is suitable for about 40 people. At Safaritalo, you can find relevant meeting equipment such as flipchart, video projector and laptop. When you dine with us, we do not charge rent for the meeting space.

Book an

Outdoor jacuzzi for your cottage!

Now you can order a ready-to-bath outdoor jacuzzi and terrace cart from us for your cottage’s yard (in the Hiekkasärkkä area). The TigerRiver Caspian outdoor jacuzzi gives your vacation a touch of luxury. Enjoy the relaxing effect of warm water and water massage during your sauna vacation. Get away from the stresses of the day and enjoy the warmth of the water!