Safaritalo’s versatile rental selection

You can rent almost anything from Safaritalo. You can find more information about the rental selection under “summer rental” and “winter rental”


Yhteisön todentama ‑kuvake

Jet ski rental

We have water jets for the funnest activity of the summer!

ATV Rental

You can rent different ATVs from us! You can get into the mood at the latest after wearing a driving suit and helmet. With an ATV, you can move conveniently from one place to another!


Snowmobile rental

You can rent a snowmobile from us for one or more days or for a longer period. We rent various Lynx snowwmobiles, such as touring or sports snowmobiles.

Bike rental

In Safaritalo’s bike selection, you can find regular, variable, jopos and chopper bikes. The helmet and lock are included in the price!

Fatbike and mountain bike rental

We have both fatbike and e-fatbike bikes. NEW Giant full-suspension mountain bikes, also available electric. The helmet and lock are included in the price!