To the water

Go on an adventure by the sea! Test if your water skis can carry you over the sea or if you can stay aboard a banana without getting wet. We also organize trips to Siiponjoki or the Rahja archipelago, for example on a water jet or kayaking. Stand up paddling is also a really popular program for sunny summer days and evenings. Come and experience the proximity of the sea!

Reservations:, 045 111 6633 or at Safaritalo.


SUP-COURSE The SUP course covers the basics of proper and safe practice. You get to know the equipment and get to try different board and paddle options in a safe body of water. You only need normal outdoor equipment for the course. Possibility to get a life jacket or a wet suit. 4-25 person course.

PRICE: 35€ /person


PRICE: 25€/hour 70€/day Extra 24 hours+50€


Go on the sea adventure of your life and experience how it feels to fly almost on the sea! At the same time, you will see the wonderful Rahja archipelago and enjoy picnic lunch at the archipelago’s wonderful campfire site. A safety boat is always included on our jet safaris. If the group is large, the boat serves as a place to change drivers. Group size 2-12 people.


2-person jetski: 125€/person

Jetski for 1 person: 225€/person

The price includes driving instruction, fuel, life jackets, picnic lunches

ATV adventures
Get familiar with the Sand Dunes by ATV! So much to see even on a short tour. The 1-hour tour is only driving, while the
2-hour tour includes also a snack by a campfire. This tour is suitable for adults only.
View the landscapes of Kalajoki Sand Dunes area from an ATV! You can get into the mood at the latest after wearing a
driving suit and helmet. At the beginning of the safari, we conduct a thorough driving instructions, after which we
drive the Safari in the versatile terrain of Kalajoki Sand Dunes and Siiponjoki river.
At the end of the 2 hrs safari, we enjoy fried sausages and coffee on a campfire. 1 hr or 2 hrs


1 hr 65 € / person
2 hrs 95 € / person

Coastal JetSki safari
JetSkis are so much fun and thanks to their agility and speed, you can discover a vast area in short time. Once you get
into the driving it feels like flying over the water. This tour is available for adults and children min 12 yrs (passenger).
We take off from the Sand Dunes area and drive towards the archipelago, where we make our way in between the
islands and islets. Once you get used to the feeling of driving on water this is pretty much cruising and admiring the
views. We make a stop on a nice landing spot and enjoy a snack and chat about the local archipelago life. On the way
back to the Sand Dunes, you will have a relaxed feeling and for sure return to Safaritalo smiling. 3 hrs


135 € / person / 2 persons / JetSki
195 € / person / 1 persons / JetSki

Explore autonomous Maakalla Islet
Once upon a time, as Finland was under Swedish reign, the Swedish King gave autonomy to the fishermen of Maakalla.
This was in 1771 and it has not changed since then. Let’s discover this peculiar little island by JetSkis. This tour is
available for adults, and we recommend single driving.
Maakalla is located 18 km from Kalajoki Sand Dunes, out on the open sea. It is a bit of a rough ride there and we start
with thorough driving and safety instructions. After you have gotten used to the JetSki, you will be cruising all the way
to Maakalla. The island is still inhabited by fishermen or descendants of the fishermen who go the island from the King
of Sweden. On arrival we are met by a fisherman, a real local, who knows the stories of fishing, seal hunting and sea
There is a small museum, a 18th century chapel and vicarage on the island, in addition to the little harbor and the
picturesque cottages. Our local fisherman takes us to get some freshly smoked whitefish from the harbor and if truth
be told – this is one of the most delicious things you ever tasted! In addition, there are some other snacks and
JetSkiing back to our time and Kalajoki Sand Dunes, you will for sure ponder about this little island and its magical
atmosphere. 4 hrs

Price: 260 € / person, 1 persons / JetSki


Go and try if your skis can hold up on the surface of the sea! Towing is carried out by water jet from Keskuskari marina. Group size 1->

PRICE: 150€/hour 80€/30 min The price includes skis, life jackets, towing, VAT.


The hero of the day as well as other members of the party can get on the mattress towed behind the jetski. The crazy experience will make the hero wet for sure! The mattress ride takes place from the Keskuskari marina, from where the rest of the group can also watch and capture everything that can happen at sea.

PRICE: 185€/30 min 250€/hour


One of our most booked programs of the bachelor party! The bachelor party hero as well as other members of the party can ride the banana pulled behind the jetski. In the harbor pool, the passenger may not be scared yet, but when the open sea opens up in front of you and the watercraft accelerates, even a bigger man squeezes the banana and tightly. The crazy experience will make everyone wet for sure! The banana ride takes place from the Keskuskari marina, from where the rest of the group can also follow and capture everything that can happen at sea! Group size 1 ->

PRICE: 175€/hour 100€/30 min The price includes life jackets, fuel, towing, VAT.


An unforgettable experience for anyone! Come and experience the wonderful Rahja archipelago by paddling. The landscapes of the archipelago are incomparable, from the vast coastal meadows to the scattered bird islets of the outer archipelago. Jump aboard our canoe and let the sea adventure take you with it. A guide who knows the archipelago will introduce you to the nature of the inner archipelago. At the Metsähallitus landing site, picnic lunches are served. A canoe trip can also be made to Siiponjoki. Siiponjoki is an unforgettable small, winding and deep river. The riverside is lush and the river winds its way through the sand ridges. Duration approx. 3 hours. Group size 4-20 people.

PRICE: 40€/person The price includes safety equipment, guidance, life jackets, helmet, canoe, picnic lunch


Jump aboard the boat and go to enjoy unhurried time on the rocks of the archipelago. Fishing rod in hand, cap on eyes and a relaxed position. The seagulls are screeching high, the waves are hitting the shore and the sun is warming. If you want a river view, we have that too! We can also organize a trip to get to know local professional fishing! If you don’t mind angling, we can also organize a boat trip to the archipelago. A guide who knows the archipelago will introduce you to its special nature, landmarks and cultural heritage. It is also possible to visit the autonomous island of Maakalla. Excursion meals are enjoyed at the Metsähallitus disembarkation site chosen by us. Duration 3 hours. Group size 2-30 people.

PRICE: €/person The price includes life jackets, fishing rod, worms, picnic lunch


Windsurfing is a versatile sport and its fitness aspects are actively emphasized. Windsurfing is an excellent way to combine mental and physical well-being. The feeling of freedom on the water and the closeness to nature, as well as the physical exertion offered by paddleboarding, are the best medicines for everyday stress. The physical demands increase as the skills of the enthusiast develop, so the sport is particularly suitable as an alternative form of exercise or fitness sport. You can start windsurfing as early as three years old with specially made lightweight sails and boards. You can try the sport on a rental board and sail in Pori Yyteri and Kalajoki Hiekkasärki or by buying a hobby package suitable for beginners.

PRICE: 35€/hour 80€/day

SUP-introduction for beginners

SUP as in Stand Up Paddleboarding has become a very popular water sport and is a perfect way to get around shallow
and safe waters. We teach you the basics of SUPing and hope to ignite your interest for this sport.
The SUP introduction covers the basics of proper and safe practice. You get to know the equipment and get to try
different board and paddle options in a safe, shallow body of water. You only need normal outdoor equipment for the
introduction course. 1 hr


45 € / adult
23 € / child 6-11 yrs